5 Festive Christmas Cocktails

December 21, 2018

Christmas cocktails banner

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re already set in the holiday mood. Every occasion is a valid excuse to celebrate with our families and friends. What’s better than a few bubbles and tipples? Join us as we share our 5 favourite festive cocktails!

White Mulled Wine

White mulled wine

Are you tired of the same old red mulled wine or someone who likes to take the road less travelled? Well, if so, then we have the perfect festive drink for you! For this delicious concoction, you will need white wine, cider, lemons, cinnamon sticks, vanilla and caster sugar. This drink brings you all of the benefits of mulled without the issues that red wine presents to your teeth and any spillages. Be sure to give this a try this Christmas.

Christmas Punch

christmas punch

Composed of seasonal ingredients, this Christmas punch is an absolute show stopper at family gatherings and an absolute must for the holidays season. If you’re a fan of florally drinks then Benedictine based Christmas punch will certainly tickle the taste buds. The usual seasonal spices are then added to ensure that this cold served drink still leaves you feeling warm inside. TO really double down on the seasonal flavours and colours feel free to add cranberry juice and vanilla.

Mulled Cider

Mulled cider christmas cocktail

If you’re not a fan of wine then take a look at the well-known alternative mulled cider. Regarded as a Christmas staple, not Christmas cocktail list would be complete without mulled cider. The secret is in the quality of the cider. Don’t be shy to splash out on premium cider as it will help to bring out the combination of fruits and spices without drowning them out. We recommend using oranges, pomegranates and clementines, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and caster sugar.

Mulled Apple Juice (non-alcoholic)

Mulled apple juice

For those who refrain from Christmas tipples, there is also a multitude of non-alcoholic cocktails you can enjoy at Christmas time. This delightful mulled apple juice is cocktail is both warming and delicious, nobody will even know that it’s not alcohol either. The trick to mulled apple juice is to replace the white or red wine you would normally use for with apple juice, it’s that simple!

Honey Clementine Fizz (non-alcoholic)

Honey and clementine fizz

Keeping with the festive colours and alcohol-free drinks, this honey and clementine fizz is hands down one of the simplest ones to pull off. Despite what you might think, clementines are a seasonal fruit as they are ripe and ready for picking in December. Adding the soft sweetness of honey to these relatively tart clementines with some sparkling water (club soda for those the other side of the pond) is delightfully refreshing and a fantastic way to start your Christmas Day festivities