5 Frighteningly Good Dishes to Try this Halloween

October 24, 2018

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To help you celebrate spooky season, we’ve rounded up five of our very favourite Halloween recipes for grownups. You won’t find a single gummy worm or “eyeball cupcake” here. Instead we’ve chosen some of the best bits of Halloween (seasonal squashes, rich pumpkin and plenty of sweetness) and served up some elegant, Halloween-ready recipes.

Whether you’re head over heels with Halloween and have been wearing your spider’s web fishnet tights since the 1st October, or hate having to answer the door to tiny Frankenstein’s every year, there’s something on our list of treats for you. Use up leftover pumpkin, indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy just a little fake blood…

Pumpkin & Almond Waffles

Pumpkin waffles

There’s absolutely no excuse for letting all of that leftover pumpkin flesh go to waste this Halloween. Once you’re finished with all that scraping and carving, pop your pumpkin on display and turn its insides into something scrumptious. We’re especially taken with this sweet and tasty waffle recipe. The smooth mellow sweetness of pumpkin makes for a very yummy waffle indeed. Serve this October breakfast with lashings of syrup and fruit. Whip up a quick raspberry coulis if you want to create some seasonal “blood spatters”!

Murderous Red Velvet Cake

red velvet cake

If you’re too old for trick or treating, there are plenty of other ways to indulge your sweet tooth this spooky season. This divine but deadly-looking red velvet cake is already a crowd-pleaser, and it’s just asking for a Halloween makeover. A drizzle of red-infused syrup on top will take your red velvet cake from sweet to scary in seconds.

Baked Pumpkin Fondue

pumpkin fondue

You’ll need a whole coven of witches to keep your friends and family away from this goulishly good fondue. Pumpkins and squashes are wonderfully cheap at this time of year, so adding an extra to your trolley for fondue purposes is a no brainer (if you’ll forgive the zombie pun). Fill your veg with a concoction of cheeses, then let it hubble and bubble. Serve chips, bread, crudite and anything else you like alongside.

Giant Peanut Butter Cup

peanut butter cup

If childhood nostalgia has you craving naughty treats, this recipe will make those urges totally acceptable within adult society. This classy looking concoction is little more than a giant peanut butter cup, so you can indulge your youthful sweet tooth to your heart’s content. Who needs Reese’s Pieces?

Baked Pumpkin Falafel Bowl

pumpkin falafel bowl

Fancy turning the inside of your pumpkin into something totally nourishing for your insides? This nourish bowl is bursting with goodness, including the stars of the show: baked pumpkin falafel. If you’re a falafel fan, you need to try this pumpkin infused version. The sweetness of pumpkin flesh and softness it adds to this traditional Middle Eastern snack takes falafel to a whole new place.


What’s your favourite Halloween recipe? Do you love the fun of “spookified” food, or do you prefer more tasteful Halloween fare, made from seasonal ingredients? Share your recipes below.