Health Kick: Recipes that put a spring in your step

April 29, 2018

A selection of healthy foods on a wooden table

The Great British Spring may be having a tough time deciding whether or not it’s going to be glorious or a wash-out, but the warmer weather has certainly put a spring in our steps. Whether you’re feeling more energetic now that winter is over or want to get serious about fitness ready for summer, now is the perfect time to refresh your nutrition.

Eating well and boosting your fitness are absolutely inseparable. There’s no point hitting the gym like a dynamo if you’re not going to fuel up properly. Whether we’re not eating enough protein to fuel muscle growth (and those essential body repairs) or aren’t eating enough of the right stuff to get the results we want, our diets can make or break our fitness goals.

But eating on your health kick doesn’t have to be all about protein shakes and energy balls. In fact, there are all sorts of delicious recipes that fitness and food lovers can rustle up. Packed with energy and lots of good stuff, these tasty recipes are sure to put a spring in your step this season.

Prawn & brown rice pilaf

Brown rice is absolutely bursting with fibre and slow-release energy, while tasty little prawns are rich in protein. Toss in some tumeric, coriander, cashew nuts and spring onions and you’ve got yourself a healthy, energy-boosting taste sensation! If you’re in a mid-week rush you can even substitute the brown rice for a microwavable packet option. Simple!

Red lentil, chickpea and chilli soup

A large bowl of red lentil soup surrounded by garlic and bread

Complex carbohydrates are an absolute winner when it comes to giving your body a tasty, healthy energy boost. Lentils and chickpeas (along with lots of other tasty pulses) offer tonnes of slow-release energy. They’re also pleasingly low on nasty stuff, so you can enjoy a nice hot bowlful absolutely guilt free.

Savoury pesto & quinoa breakfast bowl

A lovely pesto and quinoa and egg breakfast

Start the day right with this stupidly healthy breakfast bowl laden with complex carbohydrate (quinoa), protein-rich energy-boosters (egg, avocado, pine nuts and hemp seeds) along with all sorts of vitamins and minerals (kale, basil, homemade pesto). If this bowlful doesn’t leave you energetic and glowing all day, we’ll eat our hats.

Green goddess sandwiches

A sandwich stuffed with egg, avocado, and all things green and healthy

Forget about the sad, sugar-crammed sandwiches you usually pick up for lunch from the nearest supermarket and instead get to grips with these gorgeous green goddess sandwiches. Yes, they take a lot of effort to assemble (especially if you’re pickling your own onions), but if you’re a dedicated foodie, these fresh, crunchy, beautifully healthy sandwiches will make you very happy – and fuel your next workout too!

Strawberry rhubarb buckwheat bars

Homemade strawberry and buckwheat bars

Do you have something of a sweet tooth? These tart, fruity buckwheat bars will help you sate it healthily. Low in fat but rich in complex carbs (buckwheat is just plain brilliant!), these bars will give you a healthy sugar hit and slow-burn energy too.

What are your top energy-boosting recipes? Share your favourite fitness foods with other readers below.