5 Summer Barbeque Recipes You Need to Throw on the Grill

July 20, 2018

A selection of summer barbeque food, URBAN eat

This sort of sizzling weather calls for some seriously sizzling al fresco food. There’s nothing quite like cooking in the open air. A bit of sunshine and some faffing with firestarters can make even the most basic of burgers taste like heaven, hot off the grill.

But what if you’re bored of burned bangers and melted marshmallows?

If you’ve got a case of barbeque food fatigue, it might be time to give your grilling game an upgrade. To help you get more creative over the coals, we’ve hand picked 5 of our favourite summer barbeque recipes. Forget halloumi skewers, say bye bye to boring burgers; these mouth-watering barbeque recipes will make this summer taste amazing.

Grilled Ricotta & Herb Courgette Roll-ups

Zucchini roll ups for summer barbeques, URBAN eat

Who says barbeques are just for carnivores? Vegetables (and cheese) taste equally fantastic when grilled in the great outdoors in a bit of barbeque smoke. These tasty, cheesy veggie parcels no exception. Filled with ricotta and herbs, these rolled up courgette packages stay neatly together on the grill and are perfect bite-sized summertime treats.

Salt & Pepper Tofu Skewers 

Grilled tofu for summer barbeques, URBAN eat

Want to barbeque while reducing your impact on animals and the environment? There are tonnes of amazing vegan barbeque recipes that you need to throw on the barbie this summer. These tasty salt and pepper tofu skewers are just the beginning. Vegetables were pretty much invented by Mother Nature for cooking on a grill. Try some olive oil-drenched  asparagus spears, slightly caramelised from the barbeque, before you disagree!

Chargrilled Sardine Bruschetta Salmoriglio

Grilled sardines with bruschetta for summer barbeques, URBAN eat

Of course, it’s not all about the vegetables. Meat, grilled over fire outside, is the culinary holy grail for many a carnivore. This primal tradition brings out the caveperson in all of us, but barbequing meat doesn’t have to feel paleolithic. In fact, it can be a high end affair. This superb Mediterranean grilled sardine recipe is worth scrolling down for. It will give your summer barbeque a definite touch of class.

Cider Can Chicken

Barbequed chicken with a cider can, URBAN eat

For an unpretentious, finger-licking meaty recipe (which will still impress your guests), why not give this tangy, tasty cider can chicken recipe a whirl? A long marinating process gets this spicy rub deep into the meat, while cooking over a cider can keeps your chicken beautifully moist and delectably basted. There will be a riot to eat this crispy chicken skin, mark our words.


Pork Belly Slices

Barbequed pork belly slices on a barbeque, URBAN eat

Pork belly is a true summer barbeque crowd pleaser, and its marinade couldn’t be simpler (or tastier). Grill prime pork to perfection, then chuck lashings into fresh buns, topped with coleslaw. You’ll have the neighbourhood queuing around the block for a taste.




What’s your ultimate summer barbeque recipe? Are you all about grilled veggies or are you a meaty barbeque purist? Have your say and share your ultimate BBQ delights with us below.