5 Wimbledon Themed Recipes You’ll Love to Serve

July 13, 2018

Eating food at Wimbledon, Urban blog

Whether you’re heartily depressed by England’s World Cup result or couldn’t give a flying football, there’s loads more sport left to celebrate this summer.

In sunny South London the likes or Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic have been serving up some serious sporting spectacle. With Super Saturday approaching faster than an Andre Agassi backhand, it’s time to get stuck in (if you’re not already glued to the telly).

All of those forehand drive, half volleys and top spins are sure to leave you feeling a little peckish. But never fear! We’ve concocted a collection of our favourite Wimbledon themed recipes for you to “serve” on July 14th. Point, set, match!

Strawberry & elderflower gateaux

Strawberry & Elderflower gateaux

We couldn’t launch a Wimbledon recipe list without something strawberry related, and this scrumptious strawberry delight is a truly sublime way to enjoy the traditional combination of strawberries and cream. The recipe claims that this beauty can be made in just 30 minutes. Pretty impressive for such a stunning summery delight!

Balsamic strawberry & spinach salad

Strawberry and spinach salad with balsamic vinegar

Before you back away slowly from the baseline, give this unusual sounding recipe a chance. The tart sweetness of strawberries is an amazing match with balsamic vinegar, and a fantastic centrepiece for a creative salad. This simple creation includes spinach, feta and almonds, but you can jazz yours up however you like! Grilled chicken is another tasty optional addition.

Picnic Pie

Open top picnic pie

Perfect for popping in a hamper and enjoying on Henman Hill (or should we say Murray Mound?), this picnic pie is crammed with seasonal produce and feels distinctly British (even if it doesn’t include the traditional steak and kidneys). Bursting with veggies (and a decent dose of ricotta), this colourful pie makes the perfect savory summertime snack for Wimbledon watching.

Caramelised Onion & Blue Cheese Sausage Rolls

Caramelised Onion and Blue Cheese sausage rolls

There are very few things more British than a sausage roll. This drool-inducing recipe takes the humble picnic staple to a whole new level, featuring caramelised onions, rich blue cheese, piquant Dijon mustard and the most delightfully flaky pastry. And they’re a breeze to make! What more could you want?

Vegan Eton Mess

Vegan Eton Mess

Want to enjoy traditional Wimbledon fare without worrying about our furry friends or Mother Earth? This vegan recipe for a Great British Classic will hit the spot. Lauren’s aquafaba meringues use the water from tinned chickpeas instead of eggs, which may not sound delicious but – trust us – makes divine (guiltless) meringues. Add lashings of coconut yoghurt, sweet treats and strawberries, and you’ve got a right Eton mess on your hands.

What treats do you like to scoff when Wimbledon is on? Share your favourite British summertime recipes with other readers below.