4 Delicious Mexican Dishes

May 4, 2018

Table full of Mexican dishes

Zest up your summer days, with these tasty amazing Cinco de Mayo inspired Mexican dishes. Perfect for weekend summer days, Mexican themed parties or even if you’re feeling peckish. Mexican cuisine offers a wealth of vegetable and meat dishes, usually fried, and packed to the brim with chilies. Not all of us are spice fanatics, and some of us are just plain nesh when it comes to handling a hot salsa, so we’ve hand-picked our favourite Mexican dishes for the runny noses and the steel tongues out there.

Mexican Chicken & Chilli Tortilla Soup

Mexican chili chicken soup

Chock-full of vibrant and fresh flavours such as fresh coriander, avocados, paprika, ancho chillies and chicken this dish is sure to make things a little hot under the collar. Deliciously thick and topped with your cheese of choice, it pairs perfectly with your choice of nachos or bread.

Mega Veggie Nachos

large bowl of nachos and vegetables

Calling all the veggies out there, this nacho dish is sure to grab your attention. This bowl of nachos is no ordinary snack, as it is flavoured with fresh coriander, powerful red chilli, zest lime, feta cheese, as well as chipotle tabasco sauce. Nachos will no longer be basic, with this flavoursome snack.

Pumpkin Burritos

Pumpkin burritos

Trick or treat? We assure you this is no trick, but it is a treat worth sharing. A burrito without meat might not appease everyone, but this pumpkin burrito packs a punch. The pumpkin is boiled and mashed, with mild or spicy taco sauce inside, as well as the Mexican staples of cumin, paprika, coriander and cheese.

Beef Tacos

plate of delicious beef tacos

Synonymous with making a lot of mess, this tasty meat treat is as old as Mexico itself. It combines perfectly with hot salsas, sour cream, guacamole, fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Be sure to add a squirt of lime to your dish to make to make it really bite. The only question left, hard shell of soft shell?

Have you also been inspired by Cinco de Mayo? Share your favourite Mexican dishes with readers below.