Quintessential Royal Wedding Garden Party Food

May 17, 2018

Garden party food

God save our gracious Queen, la la la laaa! Are you feeling staunchly British ahead of Prince Harry and Ms Markle’s nuptials? We’ve had little opportunity to celebrate the best of Blighty in recent years, but the upcoming royal wedding promises an opportunity to get back in touch with the old red, white and blue of our union jack.

To help you celebrate in true British fashion this spring, we’ve collected some of our favourite, quintessentially British recipes, perfect for a garden party on the 19th May. Time to dust off your straw boater, throw on a tea dress and get ready for a whole lot of cucumber sandwiches and tea.

Summer sandwiches

Selection of sandwiches on a wooden chopping board

The Americans may have subs and hoagies, the Vietnamese may have bahn mi, Italians may have the panini; but the British will always have the faithful sandwich. There’s something deeply nostalgic about a dainty sandwich, and we’re not talking about the type you buy in Tesco on your lunch break. We’re talking about elegantly made, lovingly de-crusted beauties, with just the right types of refined filling. We like these recipes from BBC Good Food, especially the lemony cucumber and prawn.

Sausage rolls

Plate full of delicious sausage rolls

Is there any party snack more British than a sausage roll? We’d put money on the answer being “goodness me, no!”. A tasty, flaky mouthful that instantly transports Brits of any age right back to their childhood, the humble sausage roll can be a thing of true British beauty. Felicity Cloake’s excellent “How to make perfect…” series includes a positively spiffing sausage roll recipe.

Cheddar scones

A selection of cheddar scones for a garden party

My word, a scone, with cheese!” Scones may be synonymous with jam and butter, but this cheddar and ale scone recipe by Rosie Prince in the Telegraph shows fantastic British cheese off in a decidedly English context. Choose your favourite native Cheddar to rustle up a batch of these yummy, crumbly cheese scones with a warm, rich hint of ale.

Scones, jam & clotted cream

Delisious scones topped with sweet jam and a dollop of clotted cream

Of course you couldn’t serve up savoury scones without including traditional sweet scones on your garden party menu too, especially since Her Maj finally cleared up the “jam vs. cream” debate only this March (Lizzy applies the jam first). This recipe from Cygnet Kitchen will set you on a direct course for cream tea heaven.

Victoria sponge

Large slice of Victoria sponge cake

Time for a cake that’s so British it’s named after a historic monarch. A Victoria sponge might seem basic, but when it’s right – it’s so right. Blissfully soft springy sponge, sticky, tangy jam and sweet, smooth buttercream. It almost makes one want to sing a verse of Jerusalem, doesn’t it? Here’s a recipe from the Queen of British baking herself, Mary Berry.

Cucumber, elderflower, apple & mint spritzer

Fruit spritzers perfect for a garden party

After all those garden party treats, your guests will no doubt be in need of some refreshment. This non-alcoholic spritzer from Dragons & Fairy Dust tastes like a glass of the Great British springtime. Fresh, slightly fruity and flowery, this delicious drink tastes heavenly on a warm spring day.

What are your favourite iconic British recipes? Do you have an apple turnover recipe that your neighbours want to steal? Share your culinary gems with other readers below.