The food adverts we’ve loved this year

October 15, 2019

Everywhere you look, there’s a food advert – on the tv, on the tube, even hiding between your friends’ Instagram stories.

We love being part of the fast-moving food to go world and in such a competitive landscape, brands are being more creative than ever in order to stand out from the crowd. Below are three adverts that we’ve loved from recent months:

McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Advert – Timeless Classic


Where have you been hiding if you’ve never seen a McDonald’s advert? The familiar golden arches, the nonchalant jingle whistle, and the sudden craving for some fries…

Their Quarter Pounder with Cheese advert stays in line with their recent trope: storytelling. The ad depicts the years passing by for a man – through fashion and food packaging – showing him eating a regular Quarter Pounder time and time again, as pop ballad ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You’ plays in the background.

The advert concludes with the man in the modern day, joined by who we assume is his son, eating a Double Quarter with Cheese as the voiceover speaks the tagline “A timeless classic, doubled.” It plays the nostalgia card and we take it gladly!

KFC’s Guys, We’re Flattered

The advert that we saw EVERYWHERE – the fried chicken giant took aim at the many British chicken shops that attempt to copy the KFC brand.

The tongue-in-cheek TV ad features the beloved Colonel Sanders cruising through the streets of the UK, past people eating in chicken shops that are trying to imitate KFC with names from AFC to ZFC. It was supported by print executions that featured images of the chicken shop pretenders, with the line: “Guys, we’re flattered.”

Lidl’s Big on Quality


Lidl’s new ad is designed to convince consumers it’s more than just a discount supermarket by boasting about its food credentials.

The supermarket sticks to its ‘Big on quality, Lidl on price’ catchphrase but all of the focus is firmly on the first part of the brand promise. The advert looks at all the different food occasions it caters for with vibrant and laughter-filled situations; a father dancing with his daughter and joking with spaghetti in the kitchen, a couple lounging on the sofa with a pizza and a family carving a roast in the dining room. At the same time, it highlights Lidl’s farm to fork and British credentials. It’s a feel-good advert that makes us pick up the phones to our family!

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