The Urban Eat Guide to picnicking in the great outdoors

September 6, 2019

Hiking in the countryside or just chilling in the park, don’t forget your picnic!

Summer may be drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean we have to lock ourselves away until the Spring. The clocks haven’t changed yet and there is still plenty of the great outdoors to explore on a day out. Here at Urban Eat we think about food a lot, so it’s no surprise that any weekend excursion is planned with the next meal/snack/piece of tastiness in mind! So, here’s our guide to planning that perfect al fresco picnic for your next adventure, whether that’s a wilderness escape in the woods, a sojourn to the seaside, a meander in the mountains or simply an unwind in the park.

Get your snacks right

“Where would mankind be without their snacks” – We know, it sounds like some wise Greek philosopher, but it was actually just Michael from the kitchen team. Still, you can question his wisdom on this occasion as any day tripper needs their pockets full of delicious bites to sustain you between Point A and lunchtime. Start small, think dried fruits and nuts and then flex your stomach muscles to include a whole world of options from the classic scotch egg (which can double up as a ball if you run out of activities) to Samosas if you want something with a little kick. You can never have enough snacks so throw in some houmous and carrot crudités for good measure!

But don’t forget the main event

OK, we like snacks (did you guess?) but let’s be honest, you don’t traipse yourself halfway up a mountain for a handful of nuts. If you’re exploring the great natural world (or simply going to local park for some vitamin D) then your achievements deserve to be recognised in the form of a substantial lunchtime treat. We might be a little biased, but you’ll struggle to beat the mighty sandwich when it comes to eating food to go, from the simple Ploughman’s to the any-time-of-day BLT, but you needn’t stop there. Like Bear Grylls on a tropical island, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating options for your picnic, although we’d recommend pasta salads and full-to-the-brim wraps rather than foraging for insects and grubs.

Pack a flask

Whoever tells you hydration isn’t cool is a fool. As well as your bottle of water (reusable, of course) our top tip for autumnal picnics would be to pack a flask of the hot stuff. A cup of tea on the side of a windswept mountainside can have miracle effects, although there is nothing to stop you creating your favourite Soya Chai Latte to take on the road as well. Our top tip for the chillier days would be a flask of warming soup, perfect for dipping your sandwich in…mmm.

Wrap up warm and bring a blanket

Like an onion, it’s all about those layers. Make sure you’re prepared for any weather with lots of layered options and something to keep you dry if the heavens open. Not that a little precipitation can get in the way of lunchtime. Don’t forget the glue of al fresco dining, the famous picnic blanket – the more garish the colours the better. Better still, we might get some late summer rays so pack your sun cream too and salute the sun.

We’re all about food with attitude here at Urban Eat – big, bold, delicious flavours that keep you from lunchtime fatigue – and that’s even more important than ever if you’re packing a picnic. Hopefully this will inspire your next outdoor feast to be a spectacular collection of gourmet treats, or at the very least we’ve got you VERY excited for lunchtime!

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