St Patrick’s Day Recipes

March 13, 2018


 Want to serve up some Irish-Themed scrumptiousness on 17th March? Here are some delectable St Patrick’s Day recipes you might want to try…

Are you proudly Irish? Perhaps your family have roots in Ireland. Maybe you simply love the spirit, the music and the blarney of the Emerald Isle. Or maybe you just look really good in green. Whatever your Irish connection, St Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse for a rollicking celebration. From traditional Irish music and shamrocks, to limericks and leprechauns, there’s a whole lot of fun you can wrap up in a St Paddy’s Day party. Whether it’s donning green and joining your local St Patrick’s Day parade, decorating your home with Irish motifs, playing the penny whistle, or sitting down with friends and family to enjoy some Irish-infused fare, this is a very welcoming holiday which everyone can get involved with.

Irish Beef Stew

Over the pond in the US, where Irish-Americans have embraced St Patrick’s Day with particular gusto, corned beef and cabbage is the traditional dish of the day. This St Paddy’s dinner is believed to have been a cheaper version of Irish beef stew, made by Irish immigrants to America. If you want to do things properly, however, the original hearty, meaty stew is impossible to beat. Here’s a recipe from Irish chef John Relihan.


Looking for something to soak up all of that lovely rich stew? Colcannon (claimed by both the Irish and Scottish) is a step up from simple mashed potato. The traditional recipe usually includes kale or cabbage, but we’re particularly taken with this one from Bare Feet in the Kitchen which includes little pieces of bacon for extra celebratory indulgence.

Soda bread

A delicious accompaniment, snack, starter or side dish, soda bread is as Irish as it gets. Yeast free, this interesting, historical bread gets its rise from bicarbonate of soda. Paul Hollywood has a good recipe for your next loaf. Serve with a lashing of salted butter, or even a cheeseboard full of Irish greats like Cashel Blue, Dubliner and St Gall.


Irish cream bread & butter pudding

If you’re more of a Bailey’s person than a Guinness sort, this indulgent Irish cream-inspired pudding from James Tanner is just the sweet treat for you. Homely bread pudding with a boozy, creamy twist makes for a divine celebratory dessert.

Guinness & black salt caramels

Looking for something sophisticated to tantalise your sweet tooth on St Patrick’s Day? These (eye-swivelling good) caramels from the Bureau of Taste are made using rich, buttery, savoury-yet-sweet Guinness. The black salt certainly adds a fancy finish, but a few flakes of sea salt will do the same job.