Top 10 Boxes of Chocolates

March 20, 2018


Any time there’s a special event, especially Mother’s Day, Easter or Christmas, we love seeing the walls of chocolate boxes that appear in shops and reminisce about our old favourites and wonder if that nutty delight we had sometime in 1984 was still in the selection. But which chocolate box should you buy? We thought we’d lay this debate to rest and carry out a review in the URBAN Eat office. There weren’t many left by the end! So here’s our selection of the best chocolate boxes around today…



  1. Cadbury Roses

    Cadbury's Roses

How the mighty have fallen! It looks like no one is ‘saying it with Roses’ anymore. It’s a real shame as we used to love this selection when it was in a proper tray but now they’re all wrapped individually, all a similar shape and size and you play colour roulette with the wrappers as the guide isn’t that clear.


  1. Nestle Black Magic

    Nestle Black Magic

The general consensus was surprise that this was still being made but a few people did like dark chocolate and it was very different to many of the other milk chocolate selections.

  1. Nestle Dairy Box

    Nestle Dairy Box

Mum’s favourite (apparently!) and we remember the ‘Dairy Box afternoons’ advert on the telly. Actually the selection has been really modernised and there are some very nice chocolates inside.


  1. Terry’s All Gold Milk

Terry's All Gold

Another blast from the past but this one scored particularly well with some fantastic chocolates and a great selection that had something for everyone. The competition was intense!


  1. Thornton’s Continental

Thornton's Continental

For when you really need to treat someone, or you’ve done something wrong! A very high-quality box of chocolates maybe let down with the perception that the varieties haven’t really moved with the times.


  1. Nestle Quality Street

Nestle Quality Street

We thought this would score higher, if only for being the only selection that included decent toffee and caramel. Still popular though, with the green triangle, the ‘purple one’ and many others in place from years ago – but they’re there for a good reason!


  1. Lily O’Brien’s Dessert Selection

    Lily O'Briens Dessert's Collection

A curve ball upstart that did very well, particularly with the ladies in the office – in fact some of them said if anyone bought them anything else there would be trouble!


  1. Cadbury Milk Tray

Maybe it’s the Milk Tray Man still very much in people’s minds, maybe it’s the continual modernising of the varieties (although a few comments about missing Turkish Delights!) – Milk Tray did really well and was the top scoring ‘traditional’ box.


  1. Mars Celebrations

    Mars Celebrations

Our top 2 are based on traditional chocolate bars so you can see why they’re popular (check out our Top 10 Chocolate Bars blog.) This was just pipped to second place but there is always a talking point about who actually eats the Bounty ones and who nicks all the Teasers ones before anyone else?


  1. Cadbury Heroes

    Cadbury Heroes

Heroes indeed and the top of our chocolate pops. Everyone loved this selection, a perfectly formed collection of all the best Cadbury bars – there were a few comments that Cadbury should do the Christmas tin all year round… Well done Cadbury!