Top 5 Veganuary Dishes You Have to Try

January 21, 2019


Whether you’re a veteran vegan, are participating in Veganary 2019 or just want to know what all the fuss is about, we’ve lined up a real treat for you. This year, Veganuary is bigger and better than ever, with thousands of people banishing animal products from their diets. A fantastic way to try something new, detox from dairy, prevent animal cruelty and do some good for the planet, there are heaps of benefits to giving veganism a go – even if it’s just for one day a week.

In celebration of clean, green Veganuary, we’ve collected some of our absolute, all-time favourite vegan recipes which have to be tasted to be believed. Trust us, these are the sorts of vegan meals which make committed carnivores sit up and take notice. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into our favourite Veganary recipes…

Butternut Squash & Black Bean Mole

Butternut Squash Mole, Vegenuary

Rich, silky, gently spicy mole, topped with sweet, roasted butternut squash and scattered with tangy slivers of lime-infused red onion – this recipe is a real show stopper. It’s also one you can really make your own, if you’re feeling extra creative. Why not throw on some avocado slices, or whip up your famous guacamole recipe? A splash of vegan sour cream would also go down a treat on top of this unusual, yet surprisingly sumptuous dish. The addition of pure dark chocolate makes this Veganuary recipe particularly special.

Lentil Fesenjan

Lentil Fesenjan, VenganuaryWhip up something you’ve never had before, and disprove all of your preconceptions about lentils at the same time. All too often, lentils are thought of as bland and pulpy. In fact, they are incredibly diverse vehicles for mouth-watering flavours. Cook them al dente or create something lustrously creamy! This recipe calls for tender lentils and a riot of warm, sweet and savoury flavours including walnuts and pomegranate.

Kentucky-fried Cauliflower

Kentucky fried cauliflower, Veganuary

Craving something “meat like”? Sometimes newbie vegans need a faux-carnivorous Veganuary recipe to curb those urges! This finger-licking option ticks all of the boxes. Cauliflower is an astonishingly good alternative to chicken – no, really, don’t just take our word for it! A crisp coating of salty, spicy batter is all this humble vegetable needs to become something quite special and very satisfying.

Date, Tamarind & Tofu Curry

Tofu Curry

Veganuary is a great excuse to experiment with flavours and ingredients you’ve never tried before. Tofu can be a tricky ingredient to work with, so make sure you choose an extra firm tofu if you’ve never worked with it in the past. Tamarind paste can be found in most international food stores, larger supermarkets and many corner shops which sell Indian ingredients. Whip this recipe together to create a tangy, sweet and creamy curry which will impress veggies, vegans, flexitarians and carnivores alike!


What’s your favourite Veganuary recipe? Share your top vegan meals and vegan cooking tips with other readers below.