UK’s best street food markets

August 1, 2019


All hail the street food market! The global cuisine, the atmosphere, the delicious smells and the flavours! Even the obligatory spillage or two can’t dilute our passion!


Here at URBAN eat, we love street food. Whether we’re standing amongst the aromas with friends, or whether our innovation team is out and about testing the latest flavours – there’s nary a street food market we don’t know about…

Street food, like many food trends, originated in Asia and is massive in South America in particular. Street food markets have risen in popularity in Europe recently and now you can find them popping up in warehouses, disused factories, on roofs and even in people’s front rooms.

The street food revolution has officially spread throughout the nation. And now it’s everywhere. You’ll find a street food trader serving up some high quality, delicious dishes faster than you can say “I quite fancy a burrito today, don’t you?”

If street food is new to you, then where have you been hiding?! Not to worry though, you can use the below guide to our favourite types of street foods and where we reckon you’ll find the best selections across the UK to ensure you’re never missing out again.

Top 10 Street Food Markets

  1. Model Market, London
  2. Brandon Street Night Market, Leeds
  3. Moseley Farmers’ Market, Birmingham
  4. Exeter Street Food, Exeter
  5. Street Food Market at Piccadilly, Manchester
  6. Glasgow Farmers’ Market at Queen’s Park, Glasgow
  7. Street Food Club, Nottingham
  8. Borough Market, London
  9. Uplands Market, Swansea
  10. St Nicholas Market, Bristol


Once upon a time, falafels were for vegetarians only (we can’t really believe it either). Deep fried, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside patties have changed our lives and sandwiches here at URBAN eat. Frequent fliers at dinner parties and as part of lunches, the humble falafel wrap also includes as much a salad as you can fit in there. Lettuce, onion, cabbage and a jalapeno or two are our favourite fillings. Middle East; we thank you.


Mexican food has long held the crown for best street food around, in part because of the mighty taco. Considered an ‘edible envelope’, they’re easy to hold and easy, albeit very messy, to eat. Full to the brim with seasoned meat, veggies, beans, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream, who could ever ask for more?


Relatively new to the street food game, these Chinese steamed buns are not to be overlooked. With the buns made from sweet mantao, a dough that is steamed instead of baked, and filled with sweet or savoury fillings, these buns are portable and designed to be eaten with your hands. We can’t remember life before them.

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