World Cup Party Food: 4 delicious dishes for your football party

June 12, 2018


Are you jumping up and down on the sofa in anticipation of the World Cup on 14th June? Whether you’re dying to see whether Egypt’s superstar Mo Salah makes it to Russia, or can’t wait for the controversies a Russian World Cup is sure to bring, there’s a heck of a lot of action to look forward to this summer, both on and off the pitch.

For all you patriotic sorts, England’s first fixture will take place on 18th June against Tunisia. Our boys will then take on Panama on the 24th June, followed by a showdown with our European neighbour Belgium on the 28th June.

With the current odds suggesting a German or Brazilian win, with France and Spain also in the running, England are certainly not favourites for World Cup glory (now there’s a turn up for the books). Our young team may be lacking in experience, but they do have plenty to offer when it comes to athleticism and ability. 

Luckily, it’s not about the winning – it’s about the taking part (and the food you get to chow down on during the match). If you want to broaden your culinary horizons during the World Cup, these four recipes, inspired by the World Cup hosts and England’s group stage competitors, will make FIFA even more flavourful.

Tunisian Brik

A plate of tunisian brik with a slice of lemon and greens

Traditionally served during Ramadan, Brik (pronounced “breek”) is a Tunisian appetiser usually reserved for special occasions – and what occasion could be more special to a die-hard football fan than the World Cup? A simple-to-make pastry parcel, typically filled with egg, parsley and tuna, these tasty triangles make a refreshingly exotic change from the standard sausage rolls.

Torrejitas de Bacalao

A plate of Torrejitas de Bacalao (cod fritters)

Time for some Panamanian cuisine, heat up some oil and get ready for England’s second match against Panama with some delicious torrejitas de bacalao (that’s salted cod fritters to you and me). With lots of variations in Spanish and Latin culinary culture, these tasty little treats are creamy on the inside, crispy on the outside and impossible to stop scoffing. Pop this recipe through a translator for all of the information you need to make your own!

Carbonade Flamande

A pot of carbonnade flamande witha basket of deep fried chips
Fancy something more substantial while you enjoy England v. Belgium? Cook up a traditional Belgian-Flemish sweet-yet-sour beef stew in preparation for the game. Plenty of onions, beer and seasoning are used to stew beef to melt-in-the-mouth perfection in this regional delicacy.

Russian Blini

a selection of russian blini served with salmon and sour cream
For a quick cultural bite, whip up some traditional Russian blini (they’re very similar to English-style pancakes) and serve them with sour cream, cream cheese and smoked fish – depending on your taste! Many Russians enjoy these saucer-sized pancakes with sour cream and fruit jams too, if you’re in need of something sweet.



Who’s your money on for this World Cup? Will you be rustling up any World Cup-themed delicacies this year? Have your say and share your culinary ideas below.